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Our Mission

Inspired by our B2B parent company, Urbanstrong - we are on a mission to bridge the gap between Nature and City for the urban dweller.  Our products help people bring the beauty and benefits of Nature indoors. 

The Covid-19 crisis has brought front and center the importance of indoor air quality, access to green space, and positive mental health. More than ever we are asking ourselves, is the space where we work and live contributing to our physical and mental health and wellness in a positive way?  And Mother Nature’s built-in solution to many of these issues has always been plants.

A seemingly endless number of studies in the last decade point to the array of benefits for building occupants, when elements of Biophilic Design are incorporated into our indoor spaces. In part this means the inclusion of natural materials like plants and stone and wood in the design and decorating of the places where we live, work, heal, dine, pray, exercise, shop, study, etc..


“Progressive designs – driven by technology, inspired by nature”

Through our range of products born of innovative and sophisticated design, the urbanstrong store has something for everyone. For aspiring green thumbs and house plant enthusiasts we have several PIY (Plant it Yourself) solutions that make it easy to have an indoor garden oasis of their very own. For design professionals, our wide range of Nature-as-Art products allow for interior projects to get a lush green treatment without consuming valuable floor space. Or our Green Divider line offers several options for flexible space design that also clean and cool the air, while occupants enjoy the health and wellness benefits of Biophilic Design. 

Due to our evolutionary roots being so deeply woven with the natural world, humans need nature to survive and thrive. However, our ecosystem services continue to be pushed out of our urban areas due to impervious incursion brought on by our ever-expanding built environment.  While dense urban living is the most economically and environmentally sustainable way to house our growing global population, there are right and wrong ways to go about this. It is now more imperative than ever to incorporate natural elements back into our living and working environments. Humans need other living things or our physiology and psychology will suffer.

The urbanstrong store was specifically created and is at the mercy of it’s like-minded consumers. Recognizing that our connection to nature is a need (rather than a luxury) to support our everyday health and wellbeing, we strive to offer the most accessible and user-friendly green technologies that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Our products are thoughtfully designed to make every step of the process, from assembly to minimal maintenance, an enjoyable and inspiring experience. 

For larger custom projects, please contact us via our page on this site or our parent site, Urbanstrong