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Give The Gift Of A Living Wall This Holiday Season

Looking For A Unique Gift Your Friends Will Grow To Love? Try A Living Wall!

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us. By now, we are all tired of hearing about “the new normal” and these “unprecedented times” we are living in. But here we are, looking at a different kind of holiday season and finding the perfect gift for the moment.

 little girl with presentIn a year where we have spent more time at home than we ever imagined we would, let’s think about gifts that can be tailored to this shared experience and frankly, to the completely abnormal day to day routines we have now had to cultivate. There is still little sign of a return to office life any time soon. Because of this, our homes are still the place where we work and where we relax. We may not be able to retreat into nature to find relaxation, so bring nature inside with a Living Wall. 



LivingPicture Frame in home

This season, consider gifts that will enhance someone’s home. As fall slips into winter and the days are a little more grey, consider giving your friend or family member the unique gift of a lush living wall for the holidays. Urbanstrong’s DIY Kits will awaken creativity, educate children, and provide dynamic, mood-boosting decor.  

Why Living Walls?

While people have been decorating their homes with plants for centuries, you have no doubt noticed that some of your friends are suddenly very enthusiastic houseplant hobbyists.

Living Wall Frames in the kitchenMillennials especially are growing increasingly interested in houseplants for a number of reasons. It may be a desire to bring more life into urban apartments. Perhaps it is an interest in caring for something more manageable than a pet or a baby. 

Living wall frame brooklyn heights condo entryway
For others, plants are a method of self care. Emails can be put on hold for the moments it takes to water the plants. In fact, 2020 has been setting new record interest in houseplants as people have more time to care for them and more of a desire to liven up their homes.

LivingPicture profile and water refill


Earlier this year, we shared why plants are an excellent addition to your home. Plants can directly affect our mood and productivity, making us feel calmer and more focused. Humans have an innate desire to connect with nature, which is becoming more difficult in modern life. 

LivingPicture frames in san fran condoA winter in quarantine, especially for city-dwellers, will leave us wishing for greener days and open spaces. Urbanstrong’s Living Wall DIY Kits are an innovative solution for bringing greenery into otherwise drab spaces in the home or work environment.


LivingPicture on blank residential wall

Our DIY kits offer the same sophisticated irrigation system as our Living Frames but provide more flexibility for the plant autonomist. This is an excellent option for your friend who went from zero to twenty houseplants since March as they probably have a good sense of what they like.

Urbanstrong LivingPicture sizes

Each kit is easy to assemble and comes with detailed step by step instructions for mounting and planting. The option of a decorative frame is also available to create a sleek, designer lo


Living Panel Installation Manual

System Design

Rows of gutters are first mounted to the wall. They act as support for the plant cassettes and also serve as a reservoir for the water supply. The plant cassettes are then inserted in between each row of gutters and held in place by the cassette clips.

The hidden, passive (no electricity necessary) irrigation system inside uses the same capillary action or “wicking” system utilized in our LivingPicture and Living Divider line.LivingPanel in brooklyn factory loft The gutter reservoirs are filled with water every 1-2 weeks, depending on the indoor environmental factors such as humidity, light exposure, and temperature. No need to worry, these living walls only look high maintenance. Our irrigation system is perfect for people who tend to forget about watering or don’t want to commit to daily soil checks. 

Living Wall Features

Our Living Wall Kits have many attractive features for creating a sustainable, live design piece including:

  • Removable plant cassettes for changing displays
  • A water supply that lasts 1-2 weeks
  • Works without electricity, water connection, water drainage or irrigation system
  • Short installation time
  • Smart and silent water level indicators
  • Suitable for use indoors
  • Fully recyclable
  • Plants not included

Versatile and Customizable Fun

Because we do not include plants, the DIY Kit is an excellent way to get creative and add a personal touch. These kits are a great gift for friends with kids at home as it provides a teaching opportunity for children to learn about urban indoor gardening.

kids gardening with plantsThey can then watch as their hard work results in a beautiful living wall. Inquisitive young minds need more stimulation than zoom classes can provide. This hands-on experience is an excellent primer in living ecosystems. Whether filled with cascading philodendrons, creeping tradescantia, or moving prayer plants that bow to the light, no two living walls will be the same, making it a unique focal point that reflects individual personalities.


This year has indeed been like no other, so why give a gift like no other? We are happy to.discuss site specific details and provide more information on living wall options. Everyone should have access to green space, and for those who don’t, give the gift of a custom living wall.


Written by Jessica Schwartz

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